Weight Loss MOTIVATION ♡ How I Lost 80lbs | Tips, Tricks & Photos!

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Laurice Llona says:

Thanks Janice 🙂 you’re an inspiration! :D

Daniel Weird says:

4:32 confused the shit out of me. I looked at my phone and checked it haha.
I’m going to look into the soda thing, I’ve always thought dark and light
soda was literally the same thing

Mel Ann says:

I’m pleased this works for you but I really can’t agree with what of you
say. “no reason for excuses”…actually, as long as you eat withing a
calorie deficit, you will lose weight. You could lose weight eating
McDonalds everyday as long as you kept within your calorie range.
(Obviously this is not advisable) lol But for long-term success, completely
cutting out every single “unhealthy” or “junk” food is just unrealistic.
Following the 80/20 rule seems to work… 20% of the time allowing yourself
to go off plan. If you’ve eaten really healthy all day and still have 400
calories to spare, eat a cookie. You will still lose weight because you are
within your calories

Harriet Amy says:

Well done , good tips x

geekmom says:

You’re right. It’s so important to know what you’re going to eat because
otherwise you just get frustrated and buy pizza or whatever.

Lauren Kelly says:

I lasted less than 3 minutes. Wow, you sound like a barrel of fun! No
sugar, no alcohol, you don’t eat out..so much negativity! I know these are
all things that can help with weight loss but jeez, just do all that, in

igsvt says:

Thank you for sharing. I would love to see more weight loss exercise
healthy videos. 

Courtney Parker says:

I am SO glad I found your channel! This is just what I needed today!
Everything you said is common sense – but you relayed it so well. Thank you
thank you! 

Yaz K says:

why DARK soda ?

Growndweller says:

It’s great to see your results and hear your weight loss story. It’s
interesting that everyone who loses a large amount of weight always says
they gave up the sugar, fast food and soft drinks AND EXCUSES! You are
really mature for your age, well done on your inspiring transformation. :-)

WatchMe Lose says:

this was so motivating. thank you for posting this, I’m subscribing.

ZeeK Gameplays says:

is that your boyfriend behind the camera?

Chill says:

GREAT video. Thanks!

Ashley Muskats-Noel says:

Great job Hun!

Edgars Goba says:

Finaly someone makes sence,thanks a lot

colbjay99 says:

Thanks for the tips! Watching this video will keep me motivated.

Kani B. says:

Thank you. You have really inspired me.

Plill Acio says:

We all die in the end, so I eat all I want. No diets/

Jordan Cheyenne says:

This is amazing, congrats on your progress! Thanks for all the tips 🙂 Im
on a personal weightloss journey too. I have a new fitness and health video
on my channel too, I hope you can come enjoy it! <3 Xo

black butterfly says:

You’re such an inspiration and you’re beautiful. Just curious, what’s your

farri7866 says:

Great tips. Thank you. U look great too!

gagita00 says:

You’re my inspiration Amy! :)

Shanna Allen says:

Nice video! I do think you are very motivating. You are beautiful and
very realistic about the things you are talking about. Congrats on
reaching your goals!

polkadotperla says:

Very realistic, thank you for sharinggg

jenferlyn84 says:

Do you count calories?

Mathilde D says:

This video was very helpful especially the last part on not beating
yourself up if you’re having some cheat days! I’ve been on a weight lost
journey that I started almost 2 years ago now. I am 5foot3inches tall and I
weighted 175 pounds. I lost 50 pounds in 8 months and been maintening since
then by exercising 5 times a week and eating clean 80% of the time. Never
been happier tho I struggled a lot with not feeling guilty whenever I would
have a cheat day (or weekend). It feels good to be reasured as it is normal
to feel the need to eat those extra fries-cookies-brownies etc once in a
while. Thanks for this vid Amy + you look amazing. 

cynthia sagar says:

Ive been eating alot of fruit and veg and not so much results. I think I
need to up my protein. What do u think?

Keri Nielsen says:

a lot of people have told me that if you are on birth control pills or iud
that that can take an affect on losing weight…do to the hormones in your
body and water weight etc. i was wondering if you have any experience with
this? i am just curious because i am nervous to try to start a weight loss
journey while on bc if it is not going to work or hinder my progress

Charmaine Sibanda says:

hey i just wanted to ask – people always say that exercising helps
stimulate hair growth, was that the case for you? notice anything?

amynicolaox says:

Guys, I will be answering ALL your questions in the comments below in my
video next week. That’s the reason I’m not answering/commenting back here,
don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you. Thanks for all the love xox

Stephanie Ramsey says:

Such fantastic tips! I’m currently living by the same rules and I lost 9
lbs last month. It’s so nice to see someone giving real advice. I really
agree with allowing yourself to cheat and not feeling guilty about it. I
also like your theory on your body predicting your habits and not
functioning to it’s full potential.

princesskimbie says:

Thank you so much for this video! I started at 192 lbs a month and a half
ago and now I’m 181 lbs. sometimes I feel like quitting but then I look a
before and after pics or videos on people who’ve lost weight and it makes
me keep on going. 

Indira Medina says:

Hi +amynicolaox. First of all I want to thank you for being so open and
for giving us all this really needed information. After watching your
60lbs weight loss video and then your meals video I was hooked. I am in
the same boat you were at the start of your journey and seeing you succeed
in you weight loss gives me great hope and inspiration. My question is
when should you start incorporating toning exercises to your regimen.
Right now I am on my second week and I am doing 30 minutes of Elliptical
at home but I am going to start doing your workout moves for upper and
lower body later. I am also doing 1200 calories like you said on the video
and have started login in on myfitnesspal.

Shenae Huntsman says:

What a great video

Scemo Person says:

how long did it take you?

Danielle Swain says:

Great Video! Such an inspiration! So excited to see this video in my feed,
I struggle with staying motivated and was very curious how you kept going.
Plus you explain things so well :)

Mel Rose says:

You go girl! You look amazing!! 

Tee G. says:

You’re so inspirational!

Priyanka Elffrost says:

Great video!

Just a quick question: do you have any tips of how to work out at home?
Whenever I got a membership of a gym, I always end up not going there later
when it’s winter or whatever (I’m in Sweden). I know it’s probably not as
effective as gym but still. Would really appreciate if someone can help
with tips :)

ABeautyAddict says:

I admire people like you who can do it. This is the only aspect of my life
I’m not proud about. I’ve been trying to lose 25 lbs forever. Sometime I
feel like I am meant to be fat. :(

Lacey Kay says:

I feel super intimidated by the gym!! I need a buddy!

qseued says:

I listed to All of the Lights too when I jog and somehow, I last longer
while sprinting. O_O Song must be enchanted or something lol.

Ciarahoneydip says:

I know in your previous video you stated that you didn’t plateau on your
journey. I plateau almost every other week lol Is there anything you did in
particular to avoid or overcome this?

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