Weight Loss Program Total Body Exercise Workout Videos

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Total body exercise workout videos by Tamilee Webb. Weight Loss Program.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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GentlemanTickler says:

For close-ups of Tamilee’s incredible body, pick up a couple of her older
videos, ABS OF STEEL and THIGHS OF STEEL. She wears french cut shorts in
the abs tape, a thong in the thighs tape, albeit over pantyhose in both.
But(t) you get eyefuls of Tamilee’s big beautiful bottom all the same. The
lack of thongs/close-ups in new stuff like this is probably part
self-consciousness and part age (she must be close to 50). I’d let her
seduce me, though!

vikky8903 says:


Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage says:

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johncfl says:

Like you could tell with the camera a mile away. Why doesn’t she get a
better outfit. Wear shorts already.

Ivan Shepetov says:

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wilwat9 says:

Ms. Stacy and Tamilee are great together!!!

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