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Check out my 5 secrets on losing weight & enter my jewellery giveaway.
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What are your weight loss secrets?

Giveaway rules:
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2. One entry per person – please don’t spam the comments section
3. Parental consent is advised if you are under the age of 16

This giveaway is international so make sure you take this opportunity to enter.

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Danny Haigh says:

this might sound like a weird question, but how bad was your diet before
you started your healthy eating regime? I’m just wondering if your diet was
as bad as mine is now, as I find it so hard to stay motivated and continue
eating healthily. Does that make sense?

Kirbie Cooper says:

Wow, that’s super rude!

Charlotte says:

Your hair looks lovely<3

Ayan H says:

Great tips! Do you have a cheat day and how often? How often do you
workout? Black hair suits you alot.

shelbtron says:

try regular oatmeal and add some nuts in after..I know that its kind of
annoying to make porridge the old fashioned way but its a lot better for
you. ps. I’m a sucker for eggs as well

Rosie Brown says:

Eggs are nutritious not nutritional!


First of all, your dad popped a vain, Secondly marisol25911, I am very
happy with my self thank you very much. I’m glad I dont look like the fat
fuck gracie your sticking up for. Word of advice to all ya’ll gracie has a
mouth of her own, she has clearly used it to eat because the weight did not
gain its self therefore she can use that same mouth to speak for her self
and fight her own battles. Little minions like you are not needed. Gracias

TheKaitlinB says:

it means the same thing :L

TACOinFLORIDA002 says:

Great tips. Congrats on your weight loss and getting healthy. I’ve lost
about 50lbs by changing my eating habits as well. It’s not easy (can you
say chocoholic? Lol) but I’m trying. 😉

danamarieburch says:

Love your shirt:)

mercy moto says:

You are soo beautiful!! And I’m so proud of you.. U look great!!-3333

Leah Brown says:

Enter me

supriya gurung says:

It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these normal people do
it easily with Reborn Lean Max (check it out on Google).

iheartchoo2 says:

I eat EXACTLY the same peanut butter -Whole Earth with the blue lid!! It
really is the best one lol!

linda dixon says:

Soo many haters. 

Linda Bitwayiki says:

very good. advice

Carmen Ali says:

I love you

kelsz Beautz says:

Great tips. Luv me sum eggs aswel. I’m also on a diet. I’ve lost like 35lbs
already. I’ve got a youtube channel aswel and I’ve got WeightLoss videos
just basically sharing what I’ve been doing to lose weight if yu want to yu
can check them out I’ve got 2 up. And congrats on yur weightloss yu look
awesome. Love yur channel. X 

Jennifer Michaud says:

Please read. My mom had a thyroid problem and she had a chunky neck. Not
being mean at all what so ever. Have you checked that out recently. It’s a
healthy concern not a bash. I love Thai girl she is funn and smart and
beautiful. Love you. Keep up te good work. 

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