Women’s Fitness Inspiration Video

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Zach Frank says:

The music was kinda weak 🙁

Jetstream Pete says:

All this says to me is that if women work out more then they may be
featured in borderline masturbation videos for dudes.

TheAwesomeness says:

Why is so many men watching this? I thought this was for women.

SuperKaykhan says:

Very inspirational !!!thanks xxxx

cheetahprint100 says:

i ate like a PIG today, so im gonna go exercise like a beast now…..

Notbblueskies says:

Pain is temporary, I need a shirt that says this to wear to the gym!

mainiacks says:

you know it

นิรุจน์ โยธารักษ์ says:

yeah. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside
even we work out well. btw!but ye In a best female model 2012 exclusive
interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items.
get to know here –> bit.ly/15Wrc56?=ddswv

foaun15 says:

I’m not gonna lie, I initially came here to see some fit ladies… =/

Susanne Veve says:

Turned it off the second I saw the lady with the cig in her fingers! That’s
not fitness!

Analrasvakeitin Eriterastas says:

U know it was very inspiring for men aswell ;)

Susanne Veve says:

Turned it off the second I saw the lady with the cig in her fingers! That’s
not fitness!

Gianella Hancock says:

Live Well

Kirstin Wallace says:

Wow, this video is gonna give some many women such a healthy mindset. It
going to really make them love their bodies. In case you didn’t pick it up,
this is sarcasm.

Your Sports Trainer says:

Women’s Fitness Inspiration – http://youtu.be/QGS2d-AA6j4

Mindy Amita-Aisling says:

Only 48 Days until the New Year! Time to create your vision board and
inspiration connections so that you are ready to blast off towards your
goals in 2014!

Many women have a goal to get fit and loose weight. Make 2014 the year
that you REALLY do it!


Women’s Fitness Inspiration Video

Jackie Eco says:


Jay Cross says:

Great vid! Love it!

Diottama san says:

some of them are not ripped but skinny, ofcourse I would love to get body
like some of women in this video but it does not inspire me because it just
states fact and doesn’t show how to get exactly that what I want

Jennifer Brown says:

This goes out to all my lady’s!!!! Where you at??!!

Brad Wilson says:

This is just stupid.. I know many women in my family and just as friends
who love getting active and don’t need A stupid vid to motivate them

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