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The benefits of Sarvangasana can be felt in each and every part of the body. It is especially useful for Asthamatic patients and people suffering from coronary heart diseases. Sarvangasana also helps patients of Varicose Veins. The exercise has been prescribed by Yogacharya Shri Avnish Tiwari. Subscribe NOW to get daily updates on many such useful videos and At-Home Tips

Parkinson's Disease - Vigorous Exercise. Neil Sligar June 2011

This second video of Neil’s shows him doing baseline neurological tests (tapping of fingers and foot 64 times each etc – before and after exercise). This was requested by Prof. Bas. Bloem, Medical director, Parkinson Center Nijmegen (ParC) in the Netherlands. Neil also does some impressive bike riding, rowing and weight lifting in this video. Very impressive for a man of 65 and mind boggling for a man diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1998. The video was produced by Pat McGeown and Nathanile Oliveri with Nathaniels wonderful composition “Long Way Home” playing in parts. Special thanks to Danielle Summerfield and Aquafit Fitness and Leisure in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia. Filmed on June 6th, 2011.


MrBach21 says:

Brilliant lyrics and music, sung with feeling. Greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan, Neil.

danstune says:

Neil, Thanks for the feedback, brother! We know what you are going through and appreciate your reply! Dan

christian101art says:

My husband is crippled with Parkinson’s Disease. He is a Vietnam Era Veteran, Honorable. We have experenced US Veterans Hospital abuse. Who do we turn to, to get the message to the public? My husband laid 5 hrs in his own FECES & URINE at a US VA hosp. How can our country allow this to happen? This issue is ignored by US Govnt officials, pres obama and VA Adnin. Thanks, K Carter, Wife/caregiver of Mr. Lynn E Carter, Fort Smith AR

roger37761 says:

thank you so much for let this vidoe to show employer got a inspiration to live and to help himself to fight his disease..

MrBach21 says:

Thank-you Roger. Your message means a lot to me. Very best wishes to you. Please extend my best wishes to your employer and tell him that Parkinson’s is far from the end of the road. Neil

roger37761 says:

neil.good day,ur welcome….now my employer is getting improved since he take sinemet plus (levodopa 100mg 25 mg carbidopa)and madopar 100 mg of levodopa 25 mg bersenaide)the madopar from thailand doctor he prescribed it and thanks be to god his shaking both hands and leg is gone also the rigidty and his balance gait also improved.he is 67 yrs.old..he has multi chronic disease also.2 tabs.of sinemet 3x aday and madopar twice aday.if u want u can try this maybe it will help too..may god bless you

Jennifer Schembri - Portelli says:

Fantastic to the team. I conduct similar activities for people with neurological conditions in the aquatic environment, also gaining great results!

David H. Blatt says:

Very impressive videos. i especially am impressed by how much weight you lift – especially since you are nine years older than me. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’ disease about the same time as you (1997 for me, 1998 for you) and we both have been getting great results from high-intensity exercise. keep it up.

giordanobrunoo2 says:

my father was dignosed with parkinson’ deases yesterday , he is 63 years , i want to know how his life will change ? i’m really very sad , can the exercises improve his life ? and ameliorate his symptomes ?

MrBach21 says:

David. Thank-you for your remarks. I’m as impressed by your balance skills as shown on your vids. No secrets or unusual talent in how I developed my strength. From commencement of my gym regime in 2000, I’ve set little targets that have been easily achievable. Many little achieved targets equal a big gain. Further, my training isn’t influenced by PD; I set out with no preconceptions. When a shortcoming is realised, training content is amended to address it. Very best wishes, Neil

MrBach21 says:

I can imagine how shattered your father and you would be feeling. Encourage him to continue with what he enjoys. Show him what people such as David Blatt, myself, John Ball (the marathon runner), a NASA astranaut who worked on the space station despite Parkinson’s, can still do. All the best, Neil

David H. Blatt says:

Encourage your father to have hope. There is increasing scientific evidence that regular exercise can tremendously benefit any person with Parkinson’s disease. Encourage your father to focus on what he can do in spite of Parkinson’s disease, instead of worrying about what the disease might or might not do to him.

David H. Blatt says:

Hi Neil, It is very interesting that we have similar attitudes about setting targets. On some days my target is one more than yesterday. But this disease and meds can make me lethargic. On those days my target is to keep moving before the vultures find me. For example, some days i struggled to do two pushups, so i did ten sets of two, and then the next day i had much more energy, and did two sets of twenty. Like you, i have learned to set out without preconceptions about what is possible.

B T says:

I am so very inspired by your film as I begin my weight training..I am 37 and was diagnosed last year…This is great!!!

MrBach21 says:

Great to hear that i may have helped get you back in to the weights. Thank you for your remark. All the very best Neil.

Fantasticifaction says:

Makes me want to specialize in parkinson (I’m studying for physiotherapy). I was also pretty fascinated by ataxy and hemiparesia. Guess I’ll do something neurological :p

Fantasticifaction says:

It may interest you to know that, I believe in england, they’re researching the treatment of parkinson using nodes they position in specific brain parts. Once they are installed, which is quite an operation, some people with parkinson are able to “deactivate” their trembling using nothing more than an on-off switch of those nodes.

Kyani Momo says:

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illusioned BM says:

but do a lot of research before doing this asana ,this one has to be done only ONES, not more n aftr this atlest 5-10 sharvasana is mandatory

Yoko Wijaya says:

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